Twitter Hopes To Woo Advertisers With Full-Screen Fleet Ads

As of June, select advertisers will test Twitter’s latest advertising product called Fleet ads. The ads build upon the Fleets product introduced to users in November 2020 in response to the popular Stories format on Instagram. Fleet ads offer advertisers a full-screen vertical format meant to integrate with and add value to Fleets content generated by users. During the testing phase, Twitter plans to show segments of the U.S.-based audience Fleet ads on both iOS and Android devices.

The 10 companies participating in the first Fleet ads come from the retail, technology, dining, and consumer packaged goods sectors. Wendy’s is one of the big brands showing ads in this first round of Fleet ads.

Characteristics Of Fleet Ads

A blog post by Twitter’s senior product manager and global product marketing manager explained that Fleet ads were meant to connect marketers’ messages with “everyday” life. Video content from advertisers may last up to 30 seconds. Each ad may have a call to action that a user initiates by swiping up. Advertisers can expect to access the same metrics available for any Twitter advertising, such as website visits, impressions, and profile views. Video-specific metrics gathered by Twitter will inform advertisers about video starts, video views of 6 seconds, and completed video views.

Marketers Are Paying Attention

From the perspective of marketing professionals, Twitter’s Fleet ads represent the social media platform’s attempt to compete with Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. Those platforms have successfully attracted business from direct-to-consumer brands. The CEO of DigiShop Media said that ads on Instagram Stories had performed well, and her agency would experiment with Fleet ads on Twitter when available.

The founder of Take Some Risk viewed Fleet ads as a positive step for Twitter. In his opinion, the company had not given as much attention to developing ad products as it could have. The agency may consider using these ads if they have appropriate targeting and reporting capabilities.

Twitter Advertising Revenue Rising

Overall, Twitter has impressive statistics regarding its ad products. Compared to a year ago, total ad engagement on the platform rose by 11% and ad revenue climbed by 32%.

Have you been satisfied with how Twitter advertisings worked for you?

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