Mainstream Media Tapping Into TikTok Content Creators

TikTok claimed the title of most downloaded application in 2020, and its momentum with users continues in 2021. Roughly 700 million global users consume content created by regular people, artists, and professional brand marketers. Short videos or “micro films” rule on TikTok where content creators currently have a chance to achieve viral popularity and attract large audiences. With so much happening on the platform, mainstream media companies like Netflix, Pandora, and SiriusXM have taken notice. These media brands want to tap into TikTok’s growing user base and connect with emerging talent.

Social Media Talent Search

The big-money world of traditional media remains difficult for new creative talents to break into. For this reason, creative people now turn to the internet where they can release their content to the masses and hope to gain a following. When artists start to go viral, big media companies see an opportunity to reach more audiences and acquire new talent.

Netflix has cast its net into TikTok’s waters with a contest. The streaming video giant in partnership with Adobe is accepting idea submissions from TikTok creators for a trailer called the “Great Untold” story. Three winners will have their concepts made into short films along with a cash prize.

Similarly, SiriusXM will soon release a radio channel featuring trendy TikTok creators and influencers. Pandora has curated playlists by popular TikTok accounts where the creators discuss their favorite music.

User Oriented Instead Of Friend Oriented

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok focuses on the tastes of individual users more than their friend or social connections. TikTok recommends content tailored to each individual user, which gives content creators a better chance at connecting with wider audiences.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Credit: Today Testing

Some best practices can boost content creators’ chances for big exposure on TikTok. They should produce content regularly so that their accounts remain active. Additionally, the platform appears to value content original to its platform, or “native,” more than recycled content already published on other social media. Each new addition of original content gives the TikTok algorithm another chance to distribute the content to interested people.

For the TikTok users out there, have you been liking the original content that you see on the platform?

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